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Norwich Terrier Training

Norwich Terrier Training

Norwich Terrier training normally ends on the study of several "on-call" commands, and sometimes Norwich generally avoided any kind of education..

Really smart, intelligent Norwich terrier usually easy to adapt to their surroundings, they easily find common language with people and pets. Exactly for this reason, a dog of this breed can be recommended to a person, who has a first experience, as the first dog. After spending sometimes in the family, Norwich terrier so nicely captures the nature of the relationship, mood, lifestyle, it seems that he understands any spoken words.

However, knowledge of certain commands has not harmed any dog.

You should educate your Norwich terrier in the beginning, in the moment when he arrives in your home in the first time

First, once and for all the time limit the territory. For example, you do not want the puppy went to the nursery, or sleeping in your bed? Do not let him this.

Second, is to educate puppy a good manners. Do not let him chase the cats and birds. For example, a cat running away from a dog can jump out onto the road. It can cost live to your dog.

Do not let your puppy or adult Norwich to pester people, and especially to the children on the walk. Ideally, that he never paid any attention to them.

Try as much as it possible to socialize a puppy. Teach him to communicate with others (friendly mood) dogs of different sex and ages. It’s good if you are going out on the same area with other young dogs or puppies. Let your Norwich to play with them as often as you can. Through these games your puppy will meet new friends, will learn how to communicate with dogs of various breeds and ages.

Third, teach your puppy commands. Norwich terrier easy and fun can take a general course of training, if you will wish, but it is quite manageable without it.

If you like outdoor activities, teach Norwich to bring his thrown ball - and you and your dog will get a lot of fun. Also Norwich terrier easily and with great pleasure will understand mastery of agility (this is a dog sport - steeplechase).

Experiment! Educating of your Norwich terrier in your hands!

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