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Preparing for the appearance of Norwich terrier puppy

 Что нужно для щенка норвич терьера

Preparing for the appearance of Norwich terrier puppy in the house will not take too much of your time. Appearance of Norwich terrier puppy in the house - is to buy things that are necessary for the puppy, as well as the removal of all hazards in the home.

You need to buy: bowls for food and water, toys, collar and leash and of course, beautiful stove. When shopping in advance, you will have more opportunities to get everything you need, instead of in a hurry to grab the first available thing.

To transport the puppy to your home you may need plastic container. The size of the container is defined as follows: in the container puppy can stand and move around, for example, turn over and go in the opposite direction. If you have a long way, do not forget that the way the puppy necessarily require to go out. On the way a puppy should drink, but in the long road he should eat too. Please check the temperature in the car and in container. There should not be too hot or too cold.

It is best to take the puppy of Norwich terrier, as well as any other breed puppy early morning on weekends. This will allow him to spend more time with your family before his first night away from the home, and over the weekend puppy will adapts to a new house, and you'll learn more about his habits.

Be sure to write us how you got home!

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