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How to choose a puppy of Norwich terrier

Norwich Terrier puppy, phpto

How to choose a puppy of Norwich terrier? When you choosing a puppy is necessary to consider two things: the puppy should be completely healthy and the puppy should be breed.

Healthy Puppy of Norwich terrier – How it is?

Healthy Puppy of Norwich terrier is agile, active, have good appetites. A healthy puppy of Norwich terrier has shiny hair, wet cold nose, discharge from the eyes absent, anus is clean. Puppy is good and moves freely, the puppy should not be limp.

Norwich terrier puppy for show and breeding use.

Each breed has the standard by which the breed are valued at the dog shows. All purebred puppy must conform the standart. From 2-3 months already easy to identify staging ears and tail, the basic proportions, supplier limbs.

Norwich terrier puppy should be compact, robust, with a short back, with a high set tail. Norwich terrier Puppy paws wide apart because of the space corps. Hind feet should be slightly retracted. Ears Norwich terrier directed upward and slightly to the side (wide-set ears). Expression of shrew Norwich terrier should be friendly, interested, alive and expressive in any case, not angry or suspicious. Not too long nose, lively, attentive eyes. As for hair, then Norwich terrier should have a good hard coat. The puppy should be easily and freely to move.

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Norwich Terrier puppy, phpto
 Norwich Terrier puppy, phpto
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