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Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier - what is the difference

Norfolk Terrier and  Norwich Terrier have only one difference - the form of ears. Norwich Terrier dog with erect ears, Norfolk Terrier - from hanging.

Норвич терьер, фото Норфолк терьер, фото
Norwich Terrier Norfolk Terrier

Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier have only one difference - the form of ears. , Norfolk Terrier - from hanging.

Norfolk Terrier and Norwich Terrier have a common origin, common history and common species. Moreover, both species initially terriers were crossed with each other, were shown simultaneously in the same ring and were considered one breed.

Both of these breeds came from the East of England - the environs of Norwich (Norwich) Norfolk (Norfolk). Hence, by the way, and the names of breeds.

Starting with near 30's (speech of the twentieth century), many breeders, decide what kind of terrier them more like - with erect ears, or hanging, have begun to separate breeding.

During the Second World War the breed almost ceased to exist, but enthusiasts have revived the breed. At the same time the question arose about the situation of ears again.

Since both options were a lot of breed fans, it was decided to have two standards of the same breed. However, the English Kennel Club has insisted on two separate breeds, each with its own separate title. Terriers with erect ears, got the name Norwich Terrier, a breed with drooping ears - Norfolk Terrier. The separation into two species occurred in 1964.

Now these breeds are called Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier.

We chose Norwich. Terrier with erect ears, it seems nice.

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