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Various dangers to puppy Norwich Terrier in your house

In your house a little curious Norwich could pose different hazards. Do not laugh - all this seriously.

The most obvious - the following:


Small puppies of any breed love bite everything that gets in their way. Wires are no exception. Therefore, remove the wires, remove all plugs from the outlets where it can be, and where not to bar or restrict access to small Norwich.


Make sure you can not get into a puppy any hole in the fence balcony. The same goes for ladders in country houses. Handrails must protect your puppy from falling down the stairs. Make sure that the little Norwich terrier in no way get through the bars.


Kitchen is the worst place in the house.
What kind of dangers are waiting for a puppy in the kitchen? While cooking you can accidentally step on a puppy, drop some items, accidentally pour something hot. To prevent this, place a little Norwich terrier in the enclosure.In one wonderful book I read a similar article that many puppies climb into the washing machine. In my mind this can not happen, but just in case, check the machine before its launch. Suddenly a puppy, really, can sleep there.

Ponds, pools, fireplaces

The fact that the ponds and pools can provide a threat to the little puppy, probably not need to explain. A small puppy can not be in the water for the long time – he can just sink. Take care of your Norwich, do not let your puppy without your supervision near the pool or pond.

In any case, go around your house and think about where else in your house a little Norwich can await danger. Just fix it and no problems!

Norwich Terrier kennel Hassini - Rus ( 30-05-2010 )