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History of breed Norwich Terrier

История породы норвич терьер

The breed originated in East Anglia (East Anglia). The breed comes from the small red and black and tan terrier, whose ancestors were Irish and Yorkshire terriers. These small terriers were excellent pied pipers. Already originally they were wire-haired, and that’s why disheveled haired called "Rags" - "disheveled, shaggy. They were sand-color, short-legged, squat, with cropped ears.

At the turn of XIX and XX centuries breeding Norwich terriers centered around the city of Norwich (Norwich) Norfolk (Norfolk). Norwich terrier - the result of crossing many breeds of terriers of Great Britain.

Interesting facts:

In the 80-ies of the XIX century, students of Cambridge considered particularly chic to have this little sporting terrier. Moreover, students at Cambridge University was elected Norwich terrier there mascot. But Norwich had a purely practical application - they caught the rats, of which at that time there were many on campus.

In 1932, Norwich terriers were recognized, was established club, and the first Norwich terriers were shown at the dog show. Initially, the standard clearly describes the situation of the ears - stand-up and color - only red. Later amended, stating that Norwich can have a small white spot on chest and throat. In 1935 the standard was considered black and tan color.

In the future, the main disagreements were over the formulation of the ears. Part of the dogs was with standing-and part with hanging ears. In this case, each option had its supporters. In the 30 years breeders have almost ceased to crossbreed dogs with different types of productions ears.

During the Second World War, Norwich terriers, like many other breeds of dogs, virtually disappeared.

In the postwar years, breeders, enthusiasts revived the breed. Returned rock back and put the controversy over Norwich ears.

In 1964, both types have separate recognition. First there was the proposal to write two standards the same species - with erect ears and hanging.

However, the English Kennel Club registered dogs of these breed as two different breeds. It was decided that a dog with erect ears, will be called Norwich terrier, but with hanging ears - Norfolk terrier. It’s the name of the area where were the breeding of these wonderful dogs.

Now these breeds we know as the Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier.

These breeds are recognized in the IKU, FCI, AKC, UKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC.

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